7 Days World Healer Training Course in Rishikesh

By uplifting ourselves we can uplift the entire world.
At this time in history, more people than ever feel called to aid in the moral, spiritual, and psychological evolution of this beautiful planet.
All around you may see suffering and desperately want to help but find you often lack the tools to transcend your own suffering by improving your mood, financial situation, self-efficacy, or relationships – including the all-important relationship you have with yourself.
If this sounds familiar then perhaps you are being summoned to attend World Healer Training, a unique program designed to bring those in precisely your circumstances together.
On this course, you will attend a series of classes designed to help you heal your emotional wounds and improve your psychological condition so you can more fully realise your purpose and potential on this planet. You will have the opportunity to learn from supporting others in the group, as well as from receiving support from others in the group, and ultimately you will learn from the first-hand experience of healing yourself how to help others heal themselves.


  • You will gain a better understanding of yourself, the root causes of your patterns of behavior and how to change them. You will understand how to nurture and connect with yourself better, engage constructively with your emotions, take responsibility for your life and reach your goals in a meaningful way.
  • You will gain first-hand experience in holding presence for the emotional and psychological healing of others and learn new ways to help them.


    Completely Unique Course in all the world designed to help people help others by helping themselves and
  • others.
  • Daily yoga and meditation.
  • Yogic Cleansing, Pranayama, and Breathing Exercises, Mantra Meditation.
  • Daily Indian Monk Class with Spiritual Satsang/ Bhajan.
  • 1 full body Ayurvedic massage with herbal oil.
  • 3 Daily healthy sattvic vegetarian meals.
  • 7 nights best quality western standard accommodation (see pictures).
  • 24 hours of support for any work is available during your complete stay.
  • Friendly, helpful staff including fluent English speaker.
  • Free Wi-Fi.


There are many, many nice retreats in Rishikesh but they have often very basic accommodation. World Healer Training is an intensive course and we need our Spiritual Warriors well rested in the morning, so its fortunate that we can boast some of the best quality accommodation in Rishikesh. At the high end we have suites with a capacity of up to four persons including a jacuzzi, but even our regular single, double and shared rooms have luxurious comfy beds and western bathrooms.
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  • Tasty, hygienic, and satvik food.
  • Well hygienic, lighted, cleaned, and peaceful living room.
  • Highly skilled, trained, and certified Yoga teacher trainers and instructors.
  • Best curriculum, syllabus, and schedule for training including everything from entertainment to rest time to yoga time.