Spiritual Meditation and Yoga Retreat for a Better Life

Meditation, Pranayama, and yoga are based on the ancient form of practices which helps people to get healthier life, mind, and body. A spiritual meditation retreat program is all about purifying the soul, mind, and thoughts so that you can live your life with more enthusiasm and rejuvenate yourself for a better life. Spiritual school of yoga helps you embark the most important journey of your life. This is a journey of finding the true meaning of your existence, purpose of life and who you really are.

The 21 days meditation program is designed to help you in getting the perfect balance between your physical and spiritual self. At the end of the program, you will find that you are at peace, both physically and emotionally. We understand that every human responds differently to the treatment hence each individual would be monitored, and customized solution will be provided.

Daily yoga and meditation classes will be accompanied by lectures on spiritual philosophy and divine energy that would help you increase your spiritual power. This would help you to get rid of all negative energies around you and enhance your creative thinking over automated thinking. You will also observe other changes in yourself where you would respond rather than react to every situation. You would choose love, peace, and harmony over confusion, stress, and conflict.

3 Weeks Spiritual Meditation Retreat in Nature’s Home

Away from the busy hustle and noise of the city life, you can enjoy your vacation in the lap of nature with breathtaking view of Himalayas and feel the calmness along the banks of Holy Ganga while immersing yourself to the yogic lifestyle. You will have a great opportunity to learn yoga in the very place of its origin and experience the transformation it brings into your life.

Our program is designed to make your stay memorable and pleasant. This divine 21 days meditation retreat allows you to be a part of our yoga journey and helps you achieve the calmness and peace of mind that you always wanted. The natural scenic beauty is ideal for everyone whether you are traveling alone or with your family. We are dedicated to serve you and teach you the best meditation practices that would make you healthy – both physically and mentally.