A Spiritual Retreat in Most Beautiful Place Rishikesh

Yoga and meditation are most ancient practices to keep body, mind, and soul healthy and pure. These are the most eminent ways to cure physical, mental and emotional illness. In fact, at this modern age, when most of the people are very tensed and depressed, we offer special treatment via yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine and therapies. People also visit here for spiritual rejuvenation.

Everything is for Spiritual Rejuvenation

Here, a team of trainers, therapists and doctors are present to give you an immense experience of various forms of yoga and postures, meditation and nidras, and Ayurveda treatment. Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Hatha yoga; trainers are experienced and well versed in all forms of yoga and let you learn and help you practice with introduction of all benefits and importance. Likewise, you will get into a deep journey of meditation for extreme mental peace and boost your life with all good and energetic thoughts.

Similarly, Ayurvedic treatment and therapies are not only for illness treatment, anyone will find it beneficial even if you are interested in the best rejuvenated spa therapy. Our main focus is to let you find peace of mind, boost in energy, refreshment of thought, and a rejuvenated life.

Beauty of Ambience is a Blessing

As we are willing to offer you the world’s best services and treatment to boost your lifestyle, we are promised to serve you the best services with the best amenities as well. During your stay, we take special care of your food, living place and other amenities. We serve only satvik food that will boost your yoga and meditation practices. It is well said that your food hinders what’s in your mind and your food helps you to think good and do good.

Our center is among nature, there is Holy Water River, mountain and extensive group of greeneries, where you will truly feel the beauty of nature and extensive peace of mind. Natural Scenic beauty itself makes you feel healthier and happy plus our treatment will take you to an upper level of rejuvenation and allow you to live a healthy and refreshing life.

Good food, beautiful natural ambience and very amiable people; what else do you need to get a refresh in life. We are working hard to make your every stay special. Come with your family or solo, you will never regret your visit here.

Why Choose Spiritual School of Yoga

We are not only running the retreat center where we organize yoga and meditation classes etc. but we want to create a community in which people feel their second home in Rishikesh (India).

  • Beautiful Surroundings
  • Spiritual Environment
  • Beautful Yoga Hall with Ganga View
  • Surroundings with Mountains
  • Experienced Teaching staff
  • Prominent Location
  • Hygienic Food Area with A/C
  • Beautiful & Luxuries Rooms
  • Friendly Staff


Happy Customers


Years Experience



Our Team

Yogini Deepika Sharma


The founder of Spiritual School of Yoga is Yogini Deepika Sharma born in Rishikesh, known as the city of Divine. Yogini Deepika belongs to Brahmin family her grandfather name Shree Jauhari Dutt Sharma age 94 years old the great devoter of divine energies. From the childhood Yogini Deepika came to know about the spiritual culture, Sanskrit language and divine powers from her respected father Shri Rishi Kumar Sharma and mother Smt. Rajeshwari Sharma. Yogini Deepika completed her academic qualification from Modern School Rishikesh and the Bachelor degree in Science (Zoology Botany Chemistry) with 1st division and Master degree in Business administration with 1st division. After that there is drastic change in her life she left the corporate job and completely devote herself to “Lord Krishna” to know about herself then she complete her 200 hours teacher training course and get registered by yoga alliance USA to just spread her knowledge and experience with true and full dedication in whole world. I have registered with yoga alliance M.A Yoga, 200 ERYT & 500 RYT.

Abhishek Jaiwal

General Manager

Mr.Abhishek Jaiwal, the General Manager he is taking care of all management responsibilities of Spiritual School of Yoga . He belongs to Brahmin family complete his Bachelor degree in Science (Zoology Botany Chemistry) with 1st division and Master degree in Business administration with 1st division. He is a registered yoga teacher from yoga alliance USA for 200 hours.He is very polite in nature and ready to help to everyone in any problem. He loves to share his spiritual knowledge and is an excellent promoter of the spiritual knowledge, which is beyond normal understanding of human life. His passion lies in following spiritual discipline for self-development.

Yogi Sandeep Saroha


Yogi Sandeep saroha (Yogacharya) is a master of yoga in traditional hatha, ashtanga, pranayama & meditation styles. Sandeep born in Meerut, India and came to Rishikesh in year 2010. Since lived in different Ashrams in north India and learned Yoga from himalayan masters. He is practicing yoga more than last 12 years. Yoga is his lifestyle that’s why he decided to devote himself to it. After completion of 200 hrs yoga teacher training he started to share his knowledge to his students. Sandeep used to go to spiritual place in Kedarnath and Badrinath to balance his energy and develop more in his practice. He is very well-mannered and adoring teacher, he can teach either beginners or advanced students as well.

Sandeep Semwal


Sandeep born in the lap of Himalayas, chanced upon to come to Rishikesh at the early age of 9. He joined sanskrit school and acquired the knowledge of Vedas (sukla yajurved) during his stay here . He is well established in yoga- practices including Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation etc. in the strict environments of the various spiritual establishments. He is well versed in the correct performance of Vedic Mantras. His aim of life, now is to inspire and teach Yoga and pranayama techniques to the interested aspirants.

Dr. PooJa Gangwar

Ayurvedic Doctor -BAMS

Pooja Gangwar is a Determined dignified and self-motivated person. In her childhood she was brought up in and between nature which she inherited and Carved her seif to be an ayurveda and panckarma expert. She has Carved herself today as a gem in the society and the belief is she is ready to establish herself at a challenging career, contributing to the growth of the industry. Dr.Pooja gangwar is a Ayurveda doctor specialist in Panchkarma ,naturopathy additionally she is a ayurveda consultant about life and food qualified ayurveda doctor ,B.A.M.S ayurveda degree college from rishikul state ayurvedic P.G.College, haridwar affiliated from grahwal university. She is providing her services in the field of ayurveda medicines panchkarma for past 7 years maintaining health checkups regularizing patients with ayurveda medicines achintya ...

Yogi Sant parmar

Asana & Pranayama

He Was Born In 1986 In Meerut City And Graduated From School Also There. At The Age Of 16 Years, He Went To A Monastery, Where I Lived During 5 Years. At This Time He Learned Yoga Philosophy, Asana & Pranayama By His Holiness Guru Ji Swami Karshni Guru Sharnanand Ji In His Udasin Karshni Ashram (Raman Reti Ashram) Gokul, Mathura. Mathura Is A Famous Religious Place As Known Lord Krishna Birth Place.

At The Monastery, He Also Learned Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Chanting, Yog Sutra And Ancient Meditation Techniques Through Traditional Hatha Yoga Practice. Since 2005 To 2010 Yogi Raj Went To Gyan Yoga Bhumi, Varanasi To Learn Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy Of Patanjali Yoga Sutras By Swami Atmanand Ji.

Mr. Pankaj saxena

Marketing Manager

Mr. Pankaj Saxena, the Marketing manager of Spiritual School of Yoga . He organized and creative professional with proven marketing skill and a desire to learn more. Having 20+ years of experience working for a diverse group of organizations and clients. Gained expertise in data analysis, publication marketing and web page advertising. Always looking to utilize his skill set to increase company profitability. He assisted clients with business plans, purchase, branding, advertising, remodeling and marketing, increasing monthly sales. Increased followers on social media, increased sales via the internet through a significant increase in brand awareness. Initiated a series of marketing campaigns.

antony sammeroff healer teacher
Antony Sammeroff

Workshop Facilitator

Antony Sammeroff is a counsellor who has dedicated his life to the study, practice, and teaching of self-healing. He attained his postgraduate certificate in counselling skills from the School of Health in Social Science at Edinburgh University and has been an independent scholar of psychology, personal development, and philosophy from all over the world from virtually the first moment he learned to read. For the last 10 years he has been working with others individually and in groups to help them overcome their emotional and psychological challenges, ranging from anxiety and depression to more severe forms of mental disturbance.