50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Join this 50 hours yoga teacher training, if you are just a beginner or love yoga and want to go deeper into it with the combined training, reading and discussion, and interactive opportunities to learn, you will get to real experience. This deeply transformational and inspiring teacher training and immersion are open to yoga teachers and experienced practitioners as well as beginners. You will feel the dynamic energy in your body according to the Ayurvedic tradition. You will learn about the Yoga philosophy, Yoga anatomy, Hatha yoga techniques, Ashtanga vinyasa flow, spiritual mantra chanting and their functions, their meaning and their dynamics. You will learn how each session is connected to specific topics and areas of your life and by working with the chakras in a skillful way you can empower, balance and heal your life.

Note: After the completion of training you will be provided a 50 hours yoga teacher training certificate which allows you to complete the 200 hours Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course in future at your convenience. The 50 hour Yoga teacher training program is good for people with limited time and you can learn yoga in Spiritual school of yoga.
After the 50 hours yoga teacher training course you cannot be registered with Yoga Alliance without completing the full 200 hours of yoga teacher training. You can continue and complete the 200 hours yoga teacher training or you can complete the remaining 150 hours at a future date. It can be done in the Spiritual School of Yoga as well.
If you do not desire to take up yoga professionally you can still do the 50 hours yoga teacher training as it is worthy for your fitness and will bring you peace of mind.

Benefits of 50 Hour Yoga TTC

  • Improves the flexibility of the body and gives relaxation to the mind.
  • Improves breathing, body energy, and strength.
  • Retaining stable digestion.
  • Decrease the weight of the body.
  • Cure the Cardio and circulatory fitness.
  • Nourish the body.